Songs of Praise is the second episode of Series 1 of The Vicar of Dibley. It first aired 17 November 1994.

Opening Joke

A dog rides through town on top of a hay wagon, while a couple cavorts in the hay.


Geraldine tells the Dibley Parish council that the BBC's Songs of Praise would like to film an episode in St. Barnabas Church. Not a fan, David is opposed to the idea, but the others all approve. The vicar and Alice hold auditions for the Dibley Choir. Only Cecil shows up, and he can't sing; he wants to be choirmaster. She revises her poster to mention the possibility of an appearance on the telly, and a long queue forms. After a series of dismal auditions, most of whom sing "Annie's Song", Owen sings and sounds like a young Pavarotti. The show's producer, Tristan Campbell, arrives, and Geraldine finds him very attractive. David hates having actors and film crew at Dibley, until he meets the cameraman, Ruth. Meanwhile, Alice admits she is developing feelings for Hugo.

The vicar stumbles through several takes with an uncooperative audience, preaching a sermon about modern sexism. Tristan leaves her his number, saying to call after she's seen the show. Later, she steels her nerves to call him for a date, but David, trying to reach Ruth, confirms that the two share the same number.

Closing Joke

So, two nuns driving down the road in Transylvania and all of a sudden a great big scary vampire jumps out right in front of the car. Yeah, so one nun says to the other, "Show him your cross," so she winds down her window, leans out, and says, "Get out of the way you toothy git!"