Owen 2

Owen Alfred John Newitt is a character on The Vicar of Dibley. He was played by Roger Lloyd Pack.

About Owen

He is a farmer who lives in Dibley and is a member of the Dibley parish council. He is a big fan of the vicar and anything to do with swearing. He is often late for Parish council meetings with absurd excuses. Owen has also been shown to have terrible personal hygiene.

Owen is a classic countryman. His (violent) heritage has run throughout Dibley for hundreds of years. He likes to hunt. Owen is the godfather of Geraldine Horton and the father of an unknown child born by his cousin. He owns a local farm and a large plot of land. He also fancies the vicar, as he has proposed to her on two separate occasions.

The vicar gave Owen his first kiss out of pity, which she immensely regretted, and later that day he proposed to her. Geraldine was horrified, but feared rejecting him after hearing of Owen's tragic family history: his brother drowned himself after his girlfriend wouldn't marry him; his father - who Owen takes after and was a 'much more cheerful chap' according to Frank Pickle - shot himself after his wife left him; and his grandfather murdered his grandmother after she tried to leave him. Geraldine gently turned him down, but he was not upset after finding out she was a drinker, stating that the one thing he loathes most is a woman who drinks. He enjoys taking part in the village community events and groups such as the nativity, Dibley Choir and The Dibley Parish council.


  • He saved the village from being turned into a reservoir, by chopping off the leg of and painting a chicken to construct an endangered "One-Legged, Blue-Crested Chicken" and therefore instituting Dibley as an ecological preserve.
  • He had incestuous sex with his cousin
  • His cow, who made her acting debut in the Nativity play, was named Daisy and was slaughtered on Christmas Day, the day after his goddaughter was born.
  • It has been implied several times that he has committed acts of bestiality with several of his farm animals, including a horse and a sheep.


  • Grandmother (deceased)
  • Grandfather (deceased)
  • Mother (deceased)
  • Father (deceased)
  • 1 brother (deceased)
  • Sally Newitt (cousin)
  • 1 uncle (deceased)
  • child (offspring of Newitt and Sally)