Natalia Francesca Charlotte "Nat" Williams (born Natalia Simone Horton): Is the only daughter of Judith and Simon Horton. She is the younger twin of Nathaniel


With her twin brother Nathaniel Horton, the two were born to Judith and Simon Horton in Wales, on the 26th of September 2000. 3 weeks after they were born, Simon divorced Judith. After the divorce, Judith legally changed her name to "Natalie Franscesca Charlotte Williams.

She is the niece of David Horton, cousin of Hugo and cousin once removed of children of Alice and Hugo and Geraldine.

At the age of 7, the family moved to Ireland. When the twins were 10 the family moved to Dibley. Neither Judith nor Geraldine had any idea that either of them had to do with Simon, so the family was welcomed into Dibley. They attended boarding school in Ireland but were schooled alongside the village children when they moved to Dibley. Natalia has met her father, but has a better relationship with her uncle and her much older cousin, Hugo.