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James Trevor "Jim" Trott is a character on The Vicar of Dibley. He was played by Trevor Peacock.

About Jim

Jim is a member of the Dibley Parish council and is most notable for his repetition of the word "no". He has been married twice (once accidentally to a man) and divorced both times. He is also known for his dim wit and his constant sexual references.

Jim has lived in the village all his life and is hinted to have a son/daughter (by Owen Newitt's cousin). He has a tendency to stutter "no" repeatedly whenever questioned or replying to a remark until he finally says his truthful answer which is usually "yes", which confuses the entire Parish council. He played the chruch organ after the death of Letitia Cropley, and participated in many church events, such as services, masses, and the most notable one was the Nativity reenactment. Jim has been on the Parish Council for a number of years, perhaps longer than anyone besides David Horton and Frank Pickle. Jim has been married before to Doris Trott, although her whereabouts are unknown.


Jim has appeared in every single episode, including the comic relief specials. He has the most popular punch-line, the stuttering "no." Jim's interactions with the villagers and the Parish Council do not differ entirely, which may be because of how long he has known them, or the fact that he is too old to still have strong feelings toward any of the vilagers.