Jane Miranda Wilson Horton is a character on The Vicar of Dibley. She was the wife of David Horton, and is the mother of Hugo Horton, and grandmother of Geraldine Horton.

About Jane

Jane grew up in England and married David Horton, a millionaire with a very stiff personality, and chairman of The Dibley Parish council. In 1963, Jane gave birth to a son, Hugo. Her husband David had the Parish council meeting that day in the delivery room. She wanted to name the baby straight away but David told her she'd have to wait till "Any other business," according to Owen.

She left before Geraldine was assigned to Dibley. She left David with their son, when Hugo was only two years of age.  David has since raised Hugo on his own, and Hugo has reported that David caned him when Hugo wet the bed. She had been in a previous relationship with a man, before marrying David.


  • According to Hugo, David may not be his biological father.