Doris Dawes Trott is a character on The Vicar of Dibley. She was played by Patricia Kane.

About Doris

She is the ex-wife of Jim Trott. She has a variant of Jim's stuttering, "No no no no no yes," in which hers is the opposite, being "Yes yes yes yes yes no".

She is first seen as a background character in the service being recorded for the program, Songs of Praise. She can be seen behind Jim, who is having to pretend to be sat down as they have run out of seats to sit everyone, she can be seen wearing a hat.[1]

She also appears decorating trophies with ribbons while helping her husband with the loud-speaking announcements at the Autumn Fair, however, she has no lines in the episode.[2]

When she comes to the Trott's front door after being called for by Jim (who was sleeping in a coat as their house had a leak in their bedroom), she offers to make David and The Vicar some tea after they ask if they can come into discuss what David could do for them if he was voted for the election.[3]

She is mentioned by Jim to be having sex with her cousin.



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