Dibley Live is the second episode of Series 2 of The Vicar of Dibley. It first aired 8 January 1997.


The villagers set up a radio station at the vicarage for a week to mark the 650th anniversary of St. Barnabas Church. Geraldine holds a competition for the best DJ. On Frank's programme, he admits to being gay, but only Geraldine is listening. While Alice was originally going to be the hostess for David on his show, David Horton in Conversation, he refuses to appear and is rude to her on air. So Geraldine pits him against Alice in the radio quiz, then asks cleverly-worded questions and ones about the Tinker family allowing Alice to correctly answer every one, and David is humiliated.

Closing Joke

"So there's this man vicar... Yeah. And he's playing golf with his friend, John. John, yup. And John misses a three-foot putt. Yeah. And he says, "Damn it! Missed the bugger!" and the vicar tuts and he says, "John, you say that once more and God will open up the heavens and send a thunderbolt down to strike you dead." Well, the next thing that happens, John misses a two-foot putt, and he says, "Damn it! Missed the bugger!" So the heavens open, a great big thunderbolt comes down and strikes the *vicar* dead. And God says, "Damn it! Missed the bugger!""

Alice didn't get the joke because she believed God wouldn't miss, neither would he swear.